Elisabeth Hasselbeck

i feel really sad and lonely tonight???

i’ve basically stopped speaking to everyone

i have nobody

everything is riding on september




wanna know what a cow looks like washed and blow dried?



that is what a cow looks like washed and blow dried


fluffy milk horse

Is it a rule that the shorter guy has to be a bottom?

omg i dont know pal

hey, just wondering how you got started with all your fitness and stuff like i really wanna start building muscle but i don't know where to start like i don't know if i should get a personal trainer or what :( i need to lose weight first anyway but i'd just like to know a reliable place to get info? x

i’m still so skinny don’t trust me

i just do whatever mike chang did in his upper body workout

i bought two sets of cheap lonsdale dumbbells from sports direct and put twice the weights on each one so it’s more about muscle growth rather than toning

idk i try to eat loads of oats and grains and nuts too, they defintiely help in gaining weight for me

and ill drink protein where i can, but mostly save it for after a work out soi don’t waste that expensive ass shit

i want someone cute and i want to be someone cute too


all f the above