Elisabeth Hasselbeck
You're so cute I hope you're having fun at Uni

I’ve had the best fortnight of my life <333

what's the youngest you'd date?

17 probably

tonight is the closing party of Freshers fortnight and tomorrow is the very final event in town

and I’m the only person who hasn’t pulled

I haven’t ejaculated in almost two weeks guys

thats tmi but it tells you how dry i am right now

I'm rly happy that ur happy at uni

Thank you ilysm it’s literally been everythjbg I wanted it to be omg

you may as well delete your blog now

Omg thanks pal

why havent you been on recently?

Moved to uni lol I’ll be back once I return to normality!!

You're like the prettiest of your friends I don't mean to be rude

that is kinda rude but thanks??

Be honest these airmax look awful don&#8217;t they

Be honest these airmax look awful don’t they